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Coventry City - 14.10.2000

A thoroughly unpleasant experience.  That is what going to Coventry is.  More so when Tottenham serve up a performance like they did on Saturday.  The whole team appeared to be suffering from agoraphobia, as they certainly couldn't cope with the wide open spaces they found themselves in at Highfield Road.  And on the evidence of Derby County's performance the following day, they had better get used to it.  But can they possibly change their style of play in just seven days, especially when they have had two weeks (internationals excepted) to do so and not managed it.  For the next few days we will be wondering what Tottenham we will see.

Will it be the barely tolerable, but reasonably successful at not losing at home version or the away type which is guaranteed to lose to anyone who we come up against.  Let's hope we don't get drawn away to some non-league non-entity come January !!  Why is there such a difference in approach to these games.  Surely it can't all be Graham's "we start with a point and will leave with one if we don't concede" tactics of the early eighties.  He must surely know that Tottenham do not have the players or the mental strength to defend a lead, let alone a position where they have a point to protect.  He must also know by now, that the best thing for Spurs to do is get a few goals ahead and pray we don't let in more than we have got.  Of course, to do this, he would have to pick some players liable to get us some goals in the first place.  Les Ferdinand would not be one of those if I chose the team.   His form this season has been very poor and the chances that have come his way have been wasted.  Pre-season, Rebrov and Iversen looked good together and I cannot understand why GG will not play them up front.  Even if Armstrong is fit soon, it could be worth trying him with Sergei o see if they gel.  The real problem stems from the midfield.  Freund said he had a stinker on Saturday, so that explains that, but no similar comment is forthcoming from Sherwood.  He is going through a very poor patch and the only reason he must get in the team is because he wears the captains armband.  Not that he inspires the players around him, with his criticism every time they don't manage to sprint like Marion Jones to get one of his misplaced passes.  He should be rested, but will GG take a chance on playing anyone in his place ?  He has spoken about Ledley King being played in midfield, well now is his chance.  Simon Davies would also be worth trying, as like Sherwood at his best, he covers the ground between the penalty areas and gets forward.  Also, his passing is excellent.  Korsten is another option, but from what has been seen of him so far, he wouldn't uproot too many trees - unless they were behind the goal and got in the way of one of his shots.

The creativity is what is missing and unless a chance is taken with some of the younger players who might be able to add something fresh to the side, they are in danger of going so stale they will be condemned like an old meat pie.

GG says the players aren't available, but other clubs find them and although there might not be the very top players who want to come to Tottenham, surely there are enough links to the continent to pick up some classy players.  And what ever came of the management's trip to South America.  As much as a big fat zero as the result of our away travels.  There are players out there ... look and then take a chance.  That's what Sol said and that is what most Spurs fans are thinking at the moment.

 Papa Ratzi

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