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Leicester City (away)  19 April 2000

So, we beat Leicester City for the first time in the Premier League.  Woopie do !!  Many more games like this and there will be the sound of one hand clapping around the country and yelps of joy that there was European Champions League football on TV as an alternative.

There are certain things in life that are necessary evils.  One is sitting through ninety minutes of boring football just to see your own team win.  Another is Robbie Savage.  This match therefore had it all !!  Booing Savage is like shooting fish in a barrel, but much more enjoyable.  He is such an easy target, he makes Beckham look reticent.  

The match itself was a bit like the Worthington Cup Final, lots of nothingness, then a goal at the death.  Too late for the Foxes to do anything about and left Martin O'Neill whingeing that his side were the only ones in it !!  Sad to say that it was nearly the 76th minute before either side had a decent shot on target, so they were as bad as each other really.  The bright spot of the night was the brave decision of stand-in manager Stewart Houston to leave Ginola on and sub Armstrong and Iversen (both officially suffering with knocks) with Korsten and Etherington.  Matty was put through by Dazza and hit a shot wide of the goal and then the ball was worked out to him on the right, a low cross was missed by Willem (and just as well really as it then fell), to Ginola in the box.   He dropped a shoulder, lost his marker and drove home for  a late winner.

Sad to admit, but this game had the look of two teams who can't wait for the end of the season, but the win did lift us above Leicester, so there were fringe benefits from David's goal. It still doesn't hide the dreadful away form Tottenham have exhibited this season and it is something that must change if we are ever going to seriously challenge at the top of the table.


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